The Classes

The Floor is Yours team is made of a diverse group of women with a passion for dance. Each one brings their own expertise and styles form Aerial to Zumba. We offer a wide variety of classes including: barre, sexy pole dancing, exotic floor and liquid motion, exotic chair lap dance, flexibility, belly dancing and burlesque.

Each class I just got stronger and stronger and it was definitely a work out.

— Kasey


Barre combines disciplines like yoga, ballet, and strength training to help you tone your muscles, burn excess fat, and gain balance like you’ve never experienced before!

Sexy Pole Dance

Don’t let the stunning gracefulness of this dance style fool you – it’s a workout with a twist. Pole dancing is a challenging yet rewarding way to improve your flexibility, range of motion, and overall strength in a way that will leave you feeling as strong as you do sexy.

Liquid Motion and Exotic Floor

To ramp up your pole dancing skills, you need to start at the very bottom. Our professional dance instructors will show you exciting floor routines, tricks, and moves that will take your pole skills to a whole new level. Bring a pair of heels or come barefoot! How you move is up to you.

Liquid Motion Heels

Take your dance routine to new heights – literally! We’ll teach you how to confidently captivate any audience while wearing high heels to ramp up your moves. Bring a comfortable, breathable outfit and a whole lot of sass!

Exotic Chair

Our exotic chair routines teach you how to integrate the most ordinary object into an extraordinary dance experience. It’s sexy, it’s bold, and it’s the best workout a gal could ask for to burn some calories, ramp up your heart rate, and even meet some new people.

Lap Dance and Striptease

Let our professional dance instructors help you master the art of anticipation, seduction, and thrill! Our lap dance and striptease routines will make you – and your partner – feel deeply connected to your confidence and sensuality.


Our professional dance instructors will bend over backwards to help you gain the sass, sexiness, and super-confidence you deserve. Our flexibility classes will help you work on your mobility and range of motion in a welcoming and encouraging environment.

Belly Dancing and Burlesque

If you want to feel sensual and sexy without starting pole, then burlesque is for you. We’ll teach you how to perform, tantalize, and dazzle any crowd with a range of incredible moves. Our Belly Dancing classes are a fun, unique way to get fit, explore different cultural dances, and try on stunning outfits!

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In love with this dance studio! They offer a variety of classes that pull you out of your element but the instructors are so supportive and keep you coming back for more. Love the choreography that each one teaches - I always leave feeling stronger and sexier ;) Its location is also right in the heart of Somerville - you can get a quick grub in between classes or walk to a bar/restaurant after a pole party with your girls! Super excited for the new classes they'll have for us next month!

— Rose